We are looking for various types of volunteers to serve in the upcoming Youth Group this Fall. If you fit any of these descriptions or would like to find a way to get involved contact Zane Sporleder.

  1. Sunday evening attender: This person will try to be at every Sunday evening service as well as events.  They will intentionally build relationships with the youth and provide general help in setting up, making sure things transition smoothly and just being a Godly adult presence for the youth.
  2. Sunday evening attender/leader: We will be breaking into smaller groups as part of our Sunday evening program and this person will do all that the Sunday evening attender does, but also help lead smaller discussions and prayer with the youth. Questions and guidance will be provided. 
  3. Sunday evening music: I am looking for someone to help lead music for the Youth. To start, I am thinking a few songs with guitar each evening to help us focus on God.
  4. Art / announcements: If you don't have time on Sunday evenings, but would like to be involved or have the skills to do this. We will need compelling attractive digital art to keep everyone up to date on what and when everything is happening.
  5. Interior Design / Youth Group room:  Do you have some great ideas for the Vine Youth room?  I need someone to head up a transformation of the existing youth room to something that will meet the current needs of our youth. I am sure some of our teens would love to be involved in this!