Kids May

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It doesn’t take long, just a few visits to our Sunday gathering, and you’ll see kids play an important role in the life of the Vine Church. We are blessed to love and care for many kids here. With that blessing also comes the responsibility of doing all we can to help these young people love and follow Jesus. Starting in May, we’d like to take a month to focus on these important blessings and to pray and think through how we might better care for children in our area. 

Children at The Vine

The elders have decided and are excited to announce additional resources being allocated to our Kids and Youth Ministries. We will be giving a stipend to Addie Gerlach (Children's Director) and Zane Sporleder (Youth Director), each 10 hours per week, to help continue the important work of serving our children and enhancing our student ministries. This is a step of faith for us as these stipends are above and beyond our 2018 budget. We want to ask you to prayerfully consider giving financially to these important ministries; you can do so by donating here.

While there is much we can do to enhance the children’s ministries at The Vine, we also want to do what we can to care for children outside our church. During the month of May we will be highlighting two additional opportunities to give to children, Nourishing Network and Compassion International. 

Nourishing Network

This is local non-profit, providing food for children in the Edmonds school district. There are many children in the district who's main source of food comes through the schools (breakfast and lunch). Nourishing Network comes in to provide meals for these kids on the weekends and other times when school is not is session. We can help partner with them to help feed kids in our neighborhoods who are struggling with constant hunger. There are multiple ways to volunteer but the service we will be providing this May is collecting food for the network. Look for opportunities to donate food in our kids ministry and Sunday gatherings.

Compassion International

This is a Jesus focused organization caring for children around the world. Through Compassion you can sponsor a child and help provide for their needs and education. The neat thing about compassion is the ability to directly communicate with your sponsored child. You not only get to help provide for their needs but build a lasting relationship. This May, during our Sunday gathering, you’ll be able to check out some bio info about these kids and consider sponsoring one.

Above all be praying for kids: your kids, kids at The Vine, kids in our neighborhoods, and kids around the world. How does God want to use us at The Vine to be a blessing to these little ones? May the next generation love and follow Jesus Christ!